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My name is Kathi Hole

  I am a happily married, home school mom of four sons. I am the founder of Inspired Truth Ministries and love spreading the love of God as far and wide as I can.

I created Inspired Truth Ministry to share my story about how God has been present in my life. I have had a lot of help over the years with different types of resources that I share here for anyone that wants to have a life filled with joy, self-worth, identity in Christ, and a healthy, balanced life.

I have also written Pursuing My Purpose/Workbook, Your Value as a Woman/Workbook, and A Walk with God. All of these books are based on my videos that I have done for Inspired Truth Ministry. My hope is that they will inspire others to seek God and follow Him fully.

If I had a video that could showcase what the purpose of my ministry is, it would be this one. Please watch and see that God is using me to help lead people in their purpose for the kingdom of God.

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